I created a garden hose reverb for drum recording that really sounds incredible as an effect for mixing. It’s a great way to get an original effect that cost very little and can sound great.

This episode is all about the process of experimenting. I did several tests and found at least 3 or 4 great methods for using this technique, originally inspired by Sylvia Massy and her book, Recording Unhinged.

While her book is one of the best I’ve ever read, the garden hose reverb is not found (After looking 4 times through the book) in the book, however it was a technique promoted in the promotion of the book.

The garden hose reverb starts by a simple rubber garden hose that is laid around the front of the drum kit. A microphone such as the shure sm57 is taped to the end of the garden hose, while the other end is taped shut to allow no sound in the other end. The effect works extremely well. The transients are smoothed over, and the sound is a dark and cymbal free sound that is easy to mix with.

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