The Recording Session for “On My Love”

“On My Love” turned out to be a really important kick off for Flint’s project. We are still getting used to each other, even though he had used me to mix some of his old material. This is the first time that we are finally working together from start to finish, and I can feel the pressure as I want to get a good momentum going.

Clean Recording with Dirty Tones

Flint’s project has really started out on this “junk” idea. Not that it will always be centered around the junkyard percussion stuff, but it’s bringing some really cool tones into the project that we never would have heard out of a normal drum set or cymbals.

Many of our recording techniques are with the R88 Ribbon microphone, or with a condenser. So far we are letting the instruments themselves be the “dirty” element, and there’s plenty of crazy overtones that we don’t really need to add any distortion from microphones, or preamps. Shaping tone with the recording chain is something that I enjoy doing, but it doesn’t seem to work when a huge barrel already has so much going on in it’s sound already.

Vocal Sound That will Be Hard to Beat

I’m pretty familiar with Flints voice, and it’s a voice that’s very hard to record and to get it to sit properly in a mix. There’s lots of overtones and distortions already in his voice and it means that an aggressive microphone will only make certain tones of his voice more difficult to manage in a mix.

It turns out that the ribbon microphone is a great fit for Flints voices. We also set up a sm57 which is also a very nice fit. A microphone with tons of high frequencies only makes matters worse, but the dull sound of a ribbon or a mid range heavy sm57 works pretty well.


Hello, my name is Ryan Earnhardt. I am a personal mentor to audio engineers, and a debt free studio owner, Lumen Audio, located in the mountains around Asheville NC.

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