Dynamic Range

“Mama’s Words” really takes things down a notch into an acoustic sound scape. Not only did he want it stripped down, but he also wanted an intimate setting for the story of how he grew up.

Live Tracking Did the Job

The tracking of “Mama’s Words” was done completely live. This meant that Flint was in the same room as the percussion, and a little bleed was understandable. This bleed into the vocal microphone became apart of the sound of the percussion even though it wasn’t that loud in the room.

“Mama’s Words” – Behind the Scenes

Coincident Vocal and Acoustic Guitar Recording

Both the vocal and acoustic guitar were recording from the same point. One microphone recorded both sounds and the effect is a stunning and intimate sound. I’ve always wanted to try recording a singer-songwriter in this manner and this presented the perfect opportunity to try out this simplistic approach.

The largest advantage to using a coincident technique is that most of the time you place two microphones next to a vocalist who also play acoustic guitar, you will have strange coloration that the two microphones give each other. This is because of the phasing of the sound waves as the vocal is reaching one microphone before the other one. Having both microphones at the same place in a 3D plain means that you don’t have any coloration as you make adjustments in volume to the individual sounds. You can raise the volume of the vocalist with no adverse effects, and you can raise the volume of the acoustic guitar with no adverse effects. The two work perfectly together.


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