“How to Record Drums with 1 Mic – Huge Sound!”

Files for this episode:

  1. Test Drum Sounds – Overhead Control Test Sound, Single Mic at Badge, Rim and Lug
  2. Raw Tracks for “Violent Red” (Everything you need to mix the entire track)
    1. Drums – Original Track
    2. Guitar – Original Track
    3. Room – Record in MS configuration. One mic points to center, and the other points to side.
    4. Vocal – Dry vocal
    5. Vocal Reamp – Harmony H303a reamping with a stereo room microphone. Delayed slightly for effect.

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Hello, my name is Ryan Earnhardt. I am a personal mentor to audio engineers, and a debt free studio owner, Lumen Audio, located in the mountains around Asheville NC.

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