echo-chamberWhen you hear the word “Reverb Chamber” or “Reverberation Chamber” you immediately think of big studios with tons of outboard gear, and big recording budgets. I’d like to show you why you should be using your own rooms in your house, or recording studio to set up a 5-minute reverb chamber. This episode will show you what results I’ve had with my own reverb chamber, and how you can expect equally unique reverb effects for your own mixing projects.

Unique Reverb Chambers make Beautiful Effects

When you double click on a reverb plug in, the effect comes up on your computer screen in a blink of an eye. These effects can sound really great, and are fast and easy to set up. However, just as a certain guitar pick changes the sound of your guitar, so will the sound of plug ins change the sound of your mixes. It’s important to not only be familiar with the sound of all of your tools, but also know when you need to try something out of the box. This is where the 5-minute reverb chamber comes in.

Every room of your house or studio can become a space that is used for a reverb chamber. You can watch a video on Universal Audio’s webpage about how they set up a powered speaker in the bathroom during a live session (also see the live application of tactile reverbs with guitar amps), but I typically like to capture the pleasing sound of the live room if it’s not being used during mixing.

This means that your living room can be a great reverb chamber for something like an acoustic guitar track. Many times, these instruments may need a little help to get warmed up in the lower mids. A room like a carpeted living room might be a nice sonic pairing with a bright sounding acoustic guitar. You don’t need a million dollar room to make a reverb chamber in it. The only requirement in the room that you choose, is that you need to be happy with how the sound of the room mixes together with the original “dry” sound.



Hello, my name is Ryan Earnhardt. I am a personal mentor to audio engineers, and a debt free studio owner, Lumen Audio, located in the mountains around Asheville NC.

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