Influences Rising Up

“String” turned out to be that special song that really stood out from the rest of the songs. Not because it’s the prettiest song, but because it captures the vibe and attitude that we’ve always admired in our gear and music we love.

One of these influences of both Flint and I is Tom Waits. Tom has a song called “Hell Broke Luce” and it’s a song that doesn’t sound like anything else. Even the groove is pieced together to create the final product. We liked the raw sounds and the style of layers that Tom uses, and that was the starting point for “String”.

“String” is edited as a “Videosong” which is a format of showing how music is recording in the studio. It has two rules: What you see is what your hearing, and if you hear it you will see it. We decided to edit the interview into a separate video so that you could enjoy the song as it is.


Hello, my name is Ryan Earnhardt. I am a personal mentor to audio engineers, and a debt free studio owner, Lumen Audio, located in the mountains around Asheville NC.

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