Tunnel was a breath of fresh air for flint. He came from other projects with some ideas of how the pattern of recording would take place. But this process was “totally different” he said. “What was cool about the process was letting it (the ideas) be completely wide open”.

Watch the behind the scenes video and article for “Tunnel” here.

“We tried to pick songs that we didn’t have set down ideas for. At the same time it’s totally different than what I would have thought. I would have never though that the song would have been so eery, but rather a more traditional ‘train beat’ type of song.

junkyard percussionFlint and I describes the night before when we were trying to figure out how to best approach the song. We had spent all day recording “On My Love” and we were hitting our second wind of creative ideas.

Flint recalls that, “We just had all this stuff laying out and we had all the junk percussion stuff and playing the track through. As you (Ryan) was trying to come up with ideas you noticed that every time you hit it that it was in the key of the song. It struck me that it would work really well, but what was really cool about it then was that you (Ryan) took it and made it a train chime. It wasn’t what I was expecting at first but it was becoming a tuned instrument rather than just a noise. Who would think that this stuff is tuned to anything? I thought that was really cool.”

Some of the sounds that we acquired in the session would have been hard to plan for. After all that’s the enjoyment of creation is the discovery of things that you didn’t know where there and redefining the possibilities for the song. For “Tunnel” it was that it was beyond the typical folk “train beat”, but a Celtic sonic odyssey instead.


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