We Flint and I first started this project there were not a whole lot of ideas. We simply sat down and worked with the melody and lyrics that Flint had. We thought through some ideas and went with our first instinct.

My friend, Caden Painter, let me borrow a small portion of his junkyard percussion stuff. Caden has a barn full of random noise making percussion instruments that are perfect for laying down some interesting tracks. When Flint told me that he wanted to do some junkyard percussion stuff, Caden was the first person I called. Caden’s style is to take samples of sounds and map them out to a virtual instrument (computer program based keyboard instruments) and create his own unique sounds.

One of the junkyard percussion instruments that Caden brought over was the 55 gallon drum. It used to hold grape juice from Argentina. No matter how you hit the drum, it had a ton of cool sounds. Most of the time the opening would be face down, so you could hit the top of it with your hands, or mallets. In “Tunnel” we decided to use two Basticks (wooden handle) to slam down on the top of the drum.

Rocking the drum side to side would trap air inside and produce a subsonic thump. There’s just tons of sounds in this thing to try to learn it in a day. We would later use is as an extension and resonator of a 20 inch kick drum (“Late” by Flint Zeigler).


Hello, my name is Ryan Earnhardt. I am a personal mentor to audio engineers, and a debt free studio owner, Lumen Audio, located in the mountains around Asheville NC.

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