Pushing the Limits of Recording Together Live

This session we decided to not only recording together live, but play in the same room at a distance of only five feet (1.5 meters). I was really pleased with how the recordings turned out. We knew that recording vocal wasn’t going to be an option, so we just focused on recording the drums and electric guitar. We recorded the vocal as a second layer, making it only the fourth microphone to be used for the entire song. Yep, four mics total for this song.

One Microphone Drum Sound = Cool Sound

Some would say that placing a microphone at a place where the “tom 2” would be is just a quick fix if your doing demos. But I’d like to beg to differ. I outlined a few things in this article about single microphone drum recording, but to sum it up in a few words, it’s a cool sound and mixes well.

You get a lot of attitude out of the sound when you compress it hard, and it will take EQ very well. There’s not a lot of sounds to try to blend, as all the sounds are already blended via the single microphone.


Hello, my name is Ryan Earnhardt. I am a personal mentor to audio engineers, and a debt free studio owner, Lumen Audio, located in the mountains around Asheville NC.

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